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I’ve been working on a pet project for the last couple months called libKPAPedometer and it started out as a basic project but has grown to be semi-complex and I decided to finally put a page up about it on my site since I plan on selling licenses to use it because it can be potentially useful for people but not necessarily appropriate as open source.

I put the page up, even though it is not done yet; and is still in early alpha. I figure why not and also I am interested to see what kind of interest, if any, people will show. Maybe if I get some interest and also feedback – it could help shape what libKPAPedometer can be when 1.0 comes out.

The benefits of this library are stated on the page (here) but briefly: libKPAPedometer allows step counting of some sort (GPS or basic accelerometer) on devices other then devices containing a M7 chip. It also works on iOS 6 AND 7. Of course these additional means of step counting is hard to get right and accurate as possible, and it is what I have spent the majority of my time on, other then testing.

I have been really passionate about this for a while and glad I finally got to write about it and post it’s product page.

Of course, the library is pretty expensive (and _very_ much subject to change over the next days/weeks/months) – however I do feel it is more than justified; and here is why:

- It has taken me 100s of hours to develop + test this up to this point and the library is still in alpha. (And testing involves getting up and walking around – which I am not the best at heh: and then looking at all the data in huge log files and analyzing it and trying to identify patterns/issues).

- The price itself doesn’t even compensate me at half my normal contracting rate

- It is _valuable_

- It is super niche.

However, if you want to purchase a license now – there is a discount before the full version is out. The reason I am doing this is to get people using it to see what they might think and also to receive opinions of the API before 1.0. This will get you the final version when it comes out as well.

Anyway check out the product page.

Also, email me if you have any questions or want more info on libKPAPedometer.